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I, John Caleb, created this website to share thoughts and ideas I'd like others to know and know of.

Such thoughts and ideas are from myself, as well as other sources, such as from social media.

I plan to continuously edit, organize, and modify this website while it's so published, and that includes adding and/or subtracting features, info, etc, including:
by myself, such as that at the bottom portion of this website.

Therefore there's more to come. 

works of art

I can be reached at

I've already began to post such thoughts, ideas, and art, which can be found below the gray strip below.

Articles I want emphasized appear is an animated way, for example, the way this has just appeared now.

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To my books

When I, John Caleb, was a youngster, there was a somewhat old man, named Harold Jones, who used to talk philosophy to a group of us youngsters when we gathered together. Much of what he told us then, is among much of what I share on this website. There are other mentors I had in my life, and perhaps some day I'll tell of one or more of them on this website.

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Our oppressors (the devil) will eventually run out of tricks, provided we all remember and learn from each, when used on us.

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Religion were and is the main control tool of our oppressors.

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You need not take my word for any of the following. Research it for yourself, and by all means, if you find logical cause to dispute any of this, share such info with me please, and Yes, I will compare.

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Yes, this book is on trial here, and so it should be.


Yes, and so far, I have a long and growing collection of articles of such Bible discrepancies.

To see this collection, left click or tap on this gray square button here:



In addition, it's a book that contains too higher percentage of metaphors to be a trustworthy source of info. A metaphor is inaccurate, and therefore can be used to deceive, which obviously our oppressors have used on us.

Then there’s also the questionable history of the book and that of its modifications.

My favorite example of such flaws of that book pertain to the metaphorical line in Genesis, "On the 1st day, God said, let there be light". Well 1st of all, a day is but a complete rotation of the Earth. The Earth didn't yet exist, therefore either did a day. 2nd of all, the 1st creation were not light, but space, which is black. Now compare that Bible version with that version in the article GOD IS: Which is on this website, and which shows a version not metaphorical and more logical. In fact, it's the most logical of such I've yet encountered. For example, notice how its parts fit together like a puzzle. The true word of God (or to be more accurate, instead of "word of God", "message of God") is not in characters such as that of the alphabet, therefore not in such a book as the Bible, but is in the nature, science, and logic around us that He has given us the ability to understand.

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Dr. Ray Hagins


An alternative festive holiday of our own, other than that of our oppressor (Christmas).

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Perhaps the moment the black American male lost all respect from his woman were that of which she witnessed that he could not protect and defend her while he and she were both fettered on the slave ship on the way to the American continents. Perhaps as a result, the only way he can regain that respect is to deal with the perpetrator on his own, as difficult and unlikely as that may seem.

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Farrakhan explains how The Color Purple is detrimental to black progress.

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This is in response to the Female Deity Notion campaign on social media. The idea of female deity (The Black Woman is God) is fallible. Any idea becomes fallible when necessary aspects of it are overlooked, therefore omitted. In this case, it’s the father role that’s the necessary pair that’s overlooked, therefore omitted. In a notion that designates one of the pair of parents as God over the other, the role of each must be considered, to enable comparison, therefore neither should be omitted.

The article on this website titled: GOD IS: shows such comparison, therefore reaches a better truth on the matter. It’s the most logical version and concepts of Genesis I’ve yet encountered. For example, notice how its parts fit together like a puzzle.

I hope not to offend anyone, however, such brings to mind, the problem of the lack of father images in many families of our people, that perhaps men raised in such families tend to want to push the female deity notion, even if and despite encounter of such logic as that in the article, GOD IS:. because the mother is the only parent they ever had, and therefore know of.

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My Girl Nicky

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The dressed version. To see the other version, enquirer by way of my email.

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Below are 11 drawings by my daughter,

Nicole Caleb

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