I, John Caleb, created this website to share thoughts and ideas I'd like others to know and know of.

Such thoughts and ideas are from myself, as well as other sources, such as from social media.

I plan to continuously edit, organize, and modify this website while it's so published, and that includes adding and/or subtracting features, info, etc, including works of art by myself, such as that at the very bottom of this website.


Therefore there's more to come. 

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I've already began to post such thoughts, ideas, and art, which can be found below the gray line.


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When I, John Caleb, was a youngster, there was a somewhat old man, named Harold Jones, who used to talk philosophy to a group of us youngsters when we gathered together. Much of what he told us then, is among much of what I share on this website. There are other mentors I had in my life, and perhaps some day I'll tell of one or more of them on this website.

As a result of listening to many of our people talk (or complain) about the problems of our people, I've derived the following: One problem we have is that most of us think in but one dimension, which is the presence. 


Our oppressors apparently think in all 3 dimensions. That is, the past, presence, and future.

Some of the following articles (especially the 3 column article) are examples of 3 dimensional thinking (the past, presence, and future).

It seems to me that the following articles portray the next river we must cross, in order to gain access to any of the other uncrossed rivers. As implied by the articles, this river pertains to both, our children's school curriculum, and the family.

prblms wth our chldrns schll corculm 001

Improving the ways and methods of which we conduct our families would lead to the clearing up of other problems. Much of such pertains to our businesses, organization, and unity.

A fool thinks in but one dimension, which is: the presence. A wiser person thinks in all three together, which is: the past, presence and future.

The article: problems with our children's school curriculum, is an example of such three dimensional thinking

torture nut used.png

A more likely method our oppressors used to convert us to Christianity is shown in the article: Problems With Our Children's School Curriculum.

I know of one fear the devil has, and perhaps the greatest of such, is the revealing of the truth.

privaacy of a FB group 01.png
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wmn in hazrds 001.png

Perhaps the moment the black American male lost all respect from his woman were that of which she witnessed that he could not protect and defend her while he and she were both fettered on the slave ship on the way to the American continents. Perhaps as a result, the only way he can regain that respect is to deal with the perpetrator on his own, as difficult and unlikely as that may seem.

sms mwc.png

The basis of the 5 Percenter Symbol, and the 5 Percenter affiliation, is portrayed in the next picture and article.

God is male & His origin 05png.png
where it began.png

On Facebook, there's controversy among us Blacks about the idea and concept of female deity. Of it, there are both males and females among us who support the idea that Our God is female, and there are those who oppose. My point of view on this matter would be obvious to anyone who reads some of the articles on this website.

Among ideas and concepts that those who support the mentioned idea and concept pertain to, is a comparison of the pair of chromosomes of the male birth to that of the female birth. As you probably know, A female birth begins with two X chromosomes, and a males birth begins with an X and a Y chromosome. Among such concepts is that the Y chromosome is but a downgraded mutation of the X chromosome. Such people also say the the y chromosome is smaller because of this. I say that such is nonsense, and for one reason, this implies that males are but downgraden mutations. For another reason, even if the Y chromosome were smaller (if true) it's often that size is not an indication of content and ability compared with something larger.

Then there are those who also say that women do not necessarily require any men to produce offspring, whereas men do require women for such. One of my answers to all of this is the diagram I've drawn and posted below this.

M F tst tube lab.png
choosing sex of offspring..png
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ma & pa way way back in the days 02.png
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My Girl Nicky

D D & K 08.jpg
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Below are 11 drawings by my daughter,

Nicole Caleb

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